About Us

Dear Friend,

Dreams, Inc. is my dream, and it’s been ‘incubating’ for over 20 years. Why has it taken so long for it to move into the early stages of the ‘birthing process’? Seasons of preparation mixed with a lot of fear! But I’ve learned over the years that everything starts with faith. See, faith gives way to hope which gives way to dreams. Without faith, there are no dreams; as my faith grew, so did my dreams.

I was blessed with a multitude of natural talents, but I didn’t come from a well-off family. Yet, I was always able to receive the highest quality artistic and academic education. Though my training was at a minimum (or no) cost, there was still a price to pay; usually, it was long, tiresome commutes on public transportation to get to a location miles from my home.

I grew up in Roseland, and I want future generations to have even better opportunities than I did – right at their front door! I want to give them a reason to dream again. Because I was still a child when this idea was birthed, I know that children are capable of much more than society gives them credit for. I also know that great things can come out of the Southside. We just need a few Dreamers to breathe life back into the community. I believe that breath of life can come through the Arts.

This brochure is the first breath of many to come. Soon, we’ll all be able to witness and participate in The Roseland Renaissance!

Keep the faith, and keep on dreaming!

In Service,

Nilwona E. Nowlin
Dreams, Inc. Founder